Garden City Dog Walking, LLC - Personal, Professional Pet Care

Serving Newton and Needham, MA

Garden City Dog Walking, LLC provides professional dog walking and dog sitting services to residents of Newton and Needham, Massachusetts.

- I only offer one on one services to ensure your dog receives 100% of my attention.

- I am able to walk all breeds and sizes of dogs.  No dog is too young or too old. 

- Easy and convenient online scheduling and payment.

- Certified in pet first aid by the American Red Cross.

- Bonded and insured by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

Private basic obedience dog training program: 

Special introductory price - $75 per lesson

  • 7 week program for people who want guidance on how to train their own dog using positive reinforcement techniques.

  • Training builds your mutual bond, enhances the partnership and enriches the relationship you share with your dog.

  • You will learn how to use scientifically based clicker training methods to teach your dog 13 essential behaviors: 

    • Sit, Down, Stand, Come, Touch, Loose leash walking, Wait, Take it, Leave it, Go to your spot, Relax, Stay, & Give

  • Lessons take place in your home where your dog is most conducive to learning and are scheduled at your convenience!

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